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“Why must I bring people to church or get them to become Christians?”


Some believe that being a Christian is a personal matter, so we should not “convert” people to our faith. Others do not want to risk losing a friend so they don’t talk about Jesus


“Evangelism” - sharing our faith, inviting friends to Christ/church - is  more than a Christian duty.  Here are 5 reasons to evangelize:


1. We love people and want them to go to heaven.  Man  will end up in hell because of sin. Jesus is the only way to salvation. (Acts 4:12) He is the Savior. He has paid the penalty for sins through His death.


2. We want to bring people back to God the Father. (2 Corinthians 5:20) Without God, they are lost and struggle on their own. Everyone needs God in his/her daily life.


3. People won’t know Jesus unless we tell them. We have our own sphere of influence, people that God has placed around us. If we don’t tell them, who will? (Romans 10:14)


4. The Gospel is good news and we love to share it. We want them to experience grace & forgiveness, love & blessings that we have received.


5. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of Christ. (Acts 1:8) Jesus gives us the mandate and the power & ability to preach the Gospel.  You experience God when you witness for Jesus!




Gladly & Boldly!



- Bob Lum





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