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"Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary."   Isaiah 40:31 NASB


People tend to feel weary as the end of the year approaches. The energy that we possessed at the start of the year seems to have dissipated. Life’s experiences and demands have taken a toll on us. There is a common saying, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” It’s true, isn’t it?  Many of us are afraid of marathon. There is no end to our running, striving and weariness. Life’s pressure is  unrelenting; suffering never ends.  We wonder if we could hang on until the New Year.


In Isaiah 40, God promises new strength. I love the descriptions: “mount up with wings like eagles, run and not get tired, walk and not become weary.” These words lift my spirits. They give HOPE. I can walk  and not get weary. I can run the race of life without giving up. Have you seen the eagle soaring in the sky? It’s effortless. A flap of the wings and the wind carries the eagle up and away.  I can fly and soar like the eagle!  Life is wonderful every month and every day of the year.


There is ONE CONDITION. We have to WAIT FOR THE LORD.  The commentator, Barnes, says, “The phrase, ‘to wait on      Yahweh,’ means to wait for his help; that is, to trust in him, to put our hope or confidence in him.” It is not taking a break or eating vitamins (although these are good). We must look to God and trust Him. When we keep close to God through prayer and His Word, the Holy Spirit will infuse new strength.


You don’t have to wait for the holidays or the New Year to be rejuvenated.


Wait on the LORD TODAY!


- Bob Lum





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