Word Of The Month

This is my country

This is my flag

This is my future

This is my life

This is my family

These are my friends
We are Singapore



Every year, NDP songs evoke a sense of patriotism for our country. I believe that God places us where we are. We should seek her peace and prosperity (Jeremiah 29:7).  We are to be the salt and the light for Jesus. It is our responsibilities to love our neighbors, share His love, preach the Gospel and do our part to protect & build the nation.  Let us pray for Singapore - the government, the leaders and the people. Let’s join the national prayer for team Singapore (40 Day Prayer Guide, 9 Aug).


As an international city, we have undergone tremendous changes in buildings and infrastructure as well as the population, attitudes and values. The days of simplicity are gone. We grapple with contemporary challenges and issues that are unheard of a generation ago including questions about faith and practices.


We will spend the next few months to discuss & discover God’s truth about these issues e.g. is hell real? Do people need Jesus when they are alright? Is church needed in the internet age?


Society changes. Culture  & values change. Yet God’s Word stands FOREVER!



- Bob Lum



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