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Happy Valentine’s Day!


The first are greetings for Chinese New Year. The second is for the Western Valentine. One celebrates the new year; the other, love.


How should the Christian respond to festivals that are not  mentioned in the Bible?  Some Christians embrace them fully while others  reject them totally. Yet one thing we know: we cannot ignore their significance in our multiethnic society.


My personal persuasion is to accept what is good, wholesome and does not go against Bible teaching and values.  For example, it is good to do “spring cleaning” of the house before the New Year. But it is wrong to forbid sweeping the floor on New Year’s first day as it is based on a superstitious belief. What are some good practices?


Reunion meal on CNY Eve brings the entire family together.


CNY visitation to family & relatives is a good way to connect and show respect to the elders.


Exchanging oranges, auspicious greetings and giving of hongbaos (red packets) expresses our love and desire for God’s blessings upon the one another especially the children.


Decorating the house with pots of plants like tangerine orange, pussy willow brings a “lively” feeling (it’s spring festival!).


Serving CNY goodies may lead to good conversations. Moderation in eating is important.


As for Valentine’s Day, it is always right to express love to your spouse, children, parents and loved ones. Someone says, “I show love to my wife everyday, so I am not going to do anything for Valentine.” Everyday but Valentine? It does not cost you a lot to show love but it will cost you a lot not to show love.

May God’s Love and Blessings flow through you in your celebrations!


- Bob Lum



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