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“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,  the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:6 KJV


“Substance” means that we are sure, we are confident and have the assurance that what we hope for will happen.  Although we do not see any sign of it, we have the conviction (evidence) of their reality.  The Biblical definition of FAITH is more than a belief. It is being sure that what we do not see will happen.


The examples in Hebrews 11 shows that it is not blind faith or presumption.  Faith focuses on God, following what He says and reveals to us. E.g. Noah built a big boat although he had never seen rain. Abraham followed God and left his home for an unknown destination.


When I said “Yes” to serve God in fulltime ministry in 1973 and left my job in 1985, I did not think that I would lead our church as the senior pastor. Looking back, I see His grace and faithfulness. Not only in my life but in our church. He has done much more than I have imagined!


I encourage you to face the future in faith. Trust God in His plan. As Singaporeans, we are inclined to strategize and plan.  They are important. But more than wisdom, skills and experience, we must return to FAITH.


What has God spoken to you? Will you leave the security  & comfort and follow Him?




- Bob Lum





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