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Singapore celebrates her 54th National Day on 9 August 2019!


Our independence in 1965 was followed by the withdrawal of British troops. There were lots of uncertainties about the future. It was a difficult period - loss of jobs, the threat of communist    infiltration, bomb blast at MacDonald House (Konfrontasi), racial riots, etc.  I lived through those times and sensed the fear in my parents.


God is good to our nation.   Today we pride ourselves as a  developed country. However we cannot take things for granted. As Christ’s followers, we should have a love for Singapore, as a citizen or as one who lives in this land.


Let us first pray for the leaders of Singapore. Challenges arise constantly. They need wisdom &   favor to bring the country forward in our time. We should also be model residents and citizens. Get to know our neighbors. Love them. Connect and be ready to reach out to them. Racial harmony is very important. The Christian is called to be the light  of the world and salt of the earth. Let’s Be LIGHT & SALT!


Believers should contribute to the nation. Fulfill our national service. Pay our taxes. Obey the laws. Participate in community activities. Share our views. Be responsible. Be respectful. Build Singapore.


Above all, pray for the salvation of the people.  Share Christ when opportunity arises. Eternity is far more important than the life we enjoy today.



- Bob Lum





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