Current Events


Worship with Tom Inglis

Speaker: Special Speaker
22 Apr, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1
We are glad to present TOM INGLIS, senior pastor of Sydney Life Church which he and his wife, Barbara and their four children founded in 2002.  Tom is recognised by many as an apostle of worship who carries a prophetic word that is fresh and relevant for the church today. He has travelled into many nations teaching the message of ‘worship as a lifestyle’ and is considered by many as a pioneer in this area. Those who hear Tom speak on the subject recognise the prophetic anointing and authority he carries in this area in relation to the role of worship and revival in the church.  He will speak to us from his intimate life of worship. 
We must know the urgency of the hour in which we live in and prepare the church today; for the church of tomorrow.” 

In 1993, Tom recorded a highly successful album with Integrity Music called ‘We Are One’, featuring anointed worship songs like : Show Us the Ancient Path; The Great Awakening and others. 



Spiritual Habits for Kids by Dwayne Lau

Speaker: Dwayne Lau
28 Apr, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCC Level 6
29 Apr, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCC Level 6
Join us for our Special Service for Kids by Dwayne Lau to encourage and inspire children to live a spiritual lifestyle. They will learn and understand the importance of building spiritual habits such as prayer, giving tithe, spending time in doing their daily devotion.
Dwayne is the drama coach of St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School and Loyang Secondary School, where he has led the students to win competitions and perform on various National platforms.
Dwayne is no stranger to Children’s Theatre, having worked with companies like I Theatre and SRT on their many Children’s plays and musicals�Chicken Little,  Charlotte’s Weeb, Treasure Island, and The Wizard of Oz, just to name a few. Having been bitten by the theatre bug at a young age, Dwayne continues to believe in creating work for the young, inspiring them to keep wondering, imagining and creating!



The World Is BIGGER Than You Think

Speaker: Rev Daphne Lau
28 Apr, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
29 Apr, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1

"Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation." This is the command of Jesus to His followers.


Just how big is the world? According to World Population Clock, the global population is more than 7.6 billion. About 31% are Christians (includes all groups).  Out of rest, many have not heard about Jesus.  We must lift up our eyes and look at the immensity of the world that is way beyond our little circle.


Rev Daphne Lau serves as the worship pastor of Eternal Life Assembly. She is an anointed singer-songwriter. Her first album, A New Day, has blessed many people who finds hope through her music.  She is the daughter of Rev Dr Patrick Lau, the former General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Singapore.




Pastor Alvin Speaks

Speaker: Rev Alvin Ngo
5 May, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
6 May, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1

We want to be ready to get a word from God.  Join us as we listen to Pastor Alvin. 


Ps Alvin is the deputy senior pastor of Eternal Life Assembly. He is a sought-after speaker and preaches God's Word powerfully. He is married to Wai Leng and have 2 sons, 1 daughter and a daughter-in-law.



Mother's Day Service

Speaker: Rev Anthony Chua
12 May, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
13 May, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1
A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. - Victor Hugo
It's time to celebrate MOTHERS!  We want to honor them and share a special message for families.  Every mother will receive a gift token at the church. 

Pastor Anthony is the pastor in charge of the youth and the young adults of Eternal Life Assembly. Christ transformed him completely and he has dedicated his life to serve God.  He is married to Serina and they have a son who is in Primary school.  



Sunday with Pastor Jason Tan

Speaker: Rev Jason Tan
19 May, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
20 May, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1

Rev Jason Tan is the Senior Pastor of Zion Full Gospel Church. He received his higher education in Australia and has served in New Life City Church for a number of years. He returned to Singapore with his wife and daughter.  He is a man of God who is gifted to preach and teach effectively. 





God's Word with Pastor Peter

Speaker: Rev Peter Loh
26 May, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
27 May, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1

It is always a treat to hear from a man who loves God deeply and people passionately.  


Rev Peter Loh is the Pastor of the Mandarin-Hokkien congregation. He has grown up in the church for over 40 years. Full of sincerity and love, he is well-loved by members and friends alike.  He possesses a keen sense for missions and is actively involved in the Riau Islands and other places. He is married to Sis Geok Eng and has a daughter and a son plus a son-in-law.