Current Events


Pastor Bob Speaks

Speaker: Rev Bob Lum
22 Jun, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
23 Jun, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1


We want to follow where God is leading us.  


The old hymn says,

God's way is the best way

God's way is the right way

I'll trust in Him always

He knoweth the best.



After our spiritual encounters in the Church Camp, join us to hear what God has spoken to us. 


Pastor Bob is the senior pastor of Eternal Life Assembly. He is home-grown and is fully committed to Christ. He is married to Dorothy and they have 3 daughters, 1 son-in-law and 2 grandchildren.



Weekend Service with Dr Anthony Phua

Speaker: Rev Dr Anthony Phua
29 Jun, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
30 Jun, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1


Rev Dr Anthony Phua is a senior ordained minister of the Assemblies of God of Singapore. He went into theological training in the 1970's as a young man.  Filled with faith in God and fully submitting to God's calling, he traveled to Malaysia for his studies in Bible Institute of Malaysia (BIM).  He later went for higher theological education in Ecclesia Bible College (HK).  In over 40 years of ministry, he has planted churches, pastored several congregations, taught in Bible Schools in different nations, led AG Bible College as the President and served in AG Executive Committee and other international leadership roles. 


Rev Dr Anthony is a well-respected veteran Christian minister. He is a missionary lecturer and is part of the team in Bethany Christian Centre where he pioneered and his wife, Rev Ruth, now pastors. Join us to hear from the heartbeat of someone who spent his early Christian years in EL and has served the Lord for more than 4 decades.



EL 52nd Anniversary Celebration

Speaker: Rev Tan Hock Cheng
Combined English-Chinese Celebration
7 Jul, Sun, 10.00 am, Bukit Timah Conference Centre L5 & L6
No service on 6 Jul, Sat

It's time to celebrate!  Church anniversaries remind us that:

1. We belong to God - He is the One who plants the church as part of His kingdom.

2. We thanks to God for the people He has given and for what He has done for us since our beginning in 1967.

3. We possess a strong foundation as a Pentecostal church under the Assemblies of God.

4. We have a mission to fulfill as we forge forward.

5. We look ahead to a greater work in Christ.


All the congregations - Cantonese, Chinese, English & Filipino - will come together in ONE COMBINED Celebration Service.  


Invited Speaker: Rev Tan Hock Cheng is the Senior Pastor of Shekinah Assembly of God. He is also the General Secretary of the Assemblies of God of Singapore and serves on the board of the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary and the advisory board of Churchlife Resources.


At the age of 17, he committed his life to Christ and grew up as a youth leader in Shekinah. In 1998, having graduated with honours in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore (NUS), he served in the marketplace for 3 years before obeying God’s call into full-time ministry in 2001. He began pastoring Shekinah in 2005 and graduated with Masters of Arts (Ministry) in 2008. His twin passions in ministry are mentoring and missions. He is blessed to be married to his teenage sweetheart, Camelia, who serves in the marketplace.








What's Next, Church?

Speaker: Rev Bob Lum
13 Jul, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
14 Jul, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1

Now that we have passed our 52nd anniversary, we should ask ourselves, "What's Next?"  


Let's hear from our senior pastor. 


Pastor Bob is home-grown and is fully committed to Christ. He is married to Dorothy and they have 3 daughters, 1 son-in-law and 2 grandchildren.



Let's Hear It From Pastor Chadrick!

Speaker: Pastor Chadrick Yeo
20 Jul, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
21 Jul, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1

It's always good to hear from our EL pastors!   What has God spoken to them? What is there for us as His church?



Pastor Chadrick serves as the English Congregation Pastor & the Discipleship Base Pastor in Eternal Life Assembly. He is a serious preacher of God's Word. Let his preaching enighten your understanding of God. Chadrick is married to Elaine and they have 3 young children - 2 boys and 1 girl. 



Weekend with Dr Maggie Low

Speaker: Dr Maggie Low
27 Jul, Sat, 5.30 pm, BTCCL6.Audi2
28 Jul, Sun, 9.30 am, BTCCL5.Audi1

Rev Dr Maggie Low is a faculty member of Trinity Theological College. She teaches all the Old Testament subjects including Hebrew and Exegesis. Previously, she was trained as a lawyer and pastored a Presbyterian church for eleven years.


Maggie is married to David Low, a dyslexia specialist, and they have two children aged 18 and 26.