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February: the month for LOVE &  RELATIONSHIP!


Among the most important Chinese New Year activities are the reunion dinner and CNY visitation.


新 年 快 乐 ! 万 事 如 意 !


We exchange greetings with family, relatives and friends. Once in a year, the entire family - siblings, cousins and grand-cousins - meet one another. It is great to catch up & strengthen kinship and  friendship. When I was young, I enjoyed the tidbits & the hongbao ($) received during visits to relatives and friends. Alas, more people are “avoiding” CNY by going away for holidays. They miss the chance to reconnect. I hope that you will not miss the God-given opportunity to  build or rebuild your ties with relatives and friends. Treasure the relationships you have. It’s hard to build them but easy to lose them.


Valentine Day 2019 falls on the 10th day of CNY. It is a global celebration of romance and love. If we remove the commercial part of Valentine Day, it is a good occasion to express & celebrate love  between spouses.  It will be wonderful if you are doing this every day. But if you aren’t, use Valentine to refresh your love and commitment to each other. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but do something. It is not only the thought that counts - action speaks louder than words!


Just as much as February is about love and relationship, I encourage you to renew your love for God and strengthen your relationship with Him.


- Bob Lum





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