Learn More - EL History

EL Assembly was started by Rev John Lee on 9th July 1967 as an Assemblies of God church. The church began in a rented private apartment in the Tiong Bahru estate. Through the years, the church grew and held her services in various places, including YWCA, former Apollo Hotel, Foochow Association, former PUB auditorium, etc. In 1992, Rev John Lee resigned as senior pastor to concentrate on foreign missions. Rev Robert Lum (Bob), a home-grown minister, became her 2nd senior pastor. In November 2000, the church moved to the present premises at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. The former cinema is now known as Bukit Timah Conference Centre.
In 2004, the church adopted the Spirit-Filled, Purpose-Driven church model. She believes in the powerful work of God’s Spirit and the 5-fold focus of every believer: evangelism-fellowship-discipleship-ministry-worship.  EL Assembly currently has 4 separate congregations – English, Cantonese, Mandarin-Hokkien, Filipino – with their language services, life group ministries, prayer meetings and Bible studies. There are children, youth and senior ministries catering to different seasons of life.  The church also possess a strong sense of foreign missions and established partnerships around the region.
In addition, she has registered a separate social ministry known as “Potter’s Place Community Services Society”.  Through this social arm, the church reaches out to the community through legal counselling, personal counselling, financial assistance, talks and other workshops.  It is the church’s vision that she becomes a positive influence in our world through the power of God’s love.