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新年快乐!万事如意!Happy Chinese New Year


February 2021 is a month of celebration for many people in Singapore. However due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, many traditional practices and events are curtailed. Big families have to forego the annual reunion dinner and other CNY family meals. We are told to limit our CNY visitations to family members and to give electronic hongbao (red packets) instead of new currency notes. The cheerful shouting of loh-lei (raw fish) during tossing of the ingredients will not be heard in restaurants and homes. It will be a quieter and subdued Chinese New Year.


I like to encourage you not to allow the restrictions to affect the meaning of the CNY traditions and practices.  Love, respect, blessing and good wishes for one another, especially the family, are the heart of the celebration. They can be expressed in varied ways. Just because we cannot have every family member together in one reunion dinner or visiting the elders should not lead to the weakening of family ties. We can call and greet the elders on the first day of the New Year. We can meet up for meals during and after Chinese New Year. As believers, we should pray for family members and bless them regularly.


Friends, I like to wish you a most meaningful and blessed February 2021 as you celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.


May you overflow with God’s love, grace and joy!

- Bob Lum





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