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We are in the middle of SPRING, a time when life blooms! This is the season of joy and exuberance. Everything comes alive – the weather is nice, the flowers are beautiful, the sun is shining and the beach beckons.


Here in Singapore, I am glad that after 2 years, the safety measures are relaxed. I feel free when I enter a shopping centre or an office building without the need for SafeEntry. It is super wonderful when we sing and worship God in the church again. God is gracious!


As I reflect on the 2-year journey through Covid, I thank God for bringing me, my family, our church and our nation through the tough period that interrupts and restricts our daily lives. None of us have experienced a pandemic before. Yet today we are alive and well.


I have learnt to appreciate what I often take for granted. The people I have around me, the fresh air that I breathe (without a mask), the freedom to travel, etc. At the same time, I have learnt new skills especially in digital technology. We can live-stream our church services, produce media that blesses globally and connect with people thousands of miles away.


Now that we are almost back to pre-Covid days, we must not forget the lessons we have learnt. Nothing is ours forever except the love and grace of God.


I also encourage those with parents or children to spend time with them. You never know when you cannot see them as freely as you do today.

- Bob Lum


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