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A New Year has dawned on us!


3 years have passed since COVID-19 hit our shores. We are thankful to God that Singapore has largely averted the high death toll and serious economic recession.


World leaders have told us many times, “You can’t go back to the past. You must adapt to a new normal.”  That’s true, isn’t it?


One example is the digital world that has affected us in most aspects of life. People shop online, chat with each other online, hold business meetings online – even church worship is online. This brought convenience as we can interact with people thousands of miles across the world.


However, the personal touch is irreplaceable. Science tells us that “Physical contact with babies is essential for their physical and psychological development. In the absence of touch stimulation, release of important growth hormones may be inhibited in all parts of the body as well as the brain, liver and heart.” (babysensory.com.au)   Similarly, we all need actual personal relationships to thrive.


I like to encourage you to set aside time to meet people for a chat over coffee. To attend an onsite church service. To walk into the mall for a shopping experience. There is nothing like meeting real people in real places.


As the Chinese New Year comes along, enjoy the home visits as you greet one another, “A Happy and Prosperous New Year!”



- Bob Lum


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